Skincare Products 护肤产品

Melissachens High Performance Skincare products is Swiss researched and developed proprietary formulations combine highly effective Natural Botanical Extracts with Plant Stem Cells and Advanced Anti-Aging Peptides to deliver faster, better and visible results on skin.
It helps to repair, restore, protect and nourish skin to achieve its optimum health, because we believe youthfulness is the result of sustained healthy skin.
The products contain no harmful ingredients as health and safety of your skin is our number one priority.

Melissachens High Performance Skincare产品拥有瑞士研发的专有配方,将高疗效天然植物提取物与高级抗衰老干细胞和肽相结合的护肤产品。

Comfort 5 products
Luminous 3 products
Power 3 products
Sensitive 3 products
Timeless 1 products
Aroma Essence 1 products

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